Mass Transportation

New York City’s mass transit system has enabled a few small cities to become five united boroughs. It has fueled economic growth in each one.

Millions of New Yorkers from all walks of life depend on it to get home, to the doctor, to visit family, and to do business. But corrupt state and incompetent local governments have let it fall behind.

Whole neighborhoods have been left without any access to mass transit, while those that have it are saddled with higher fares and fewer services. Meanwhile, those without decent transit are suffering in unbearable gridlock. Enough already! The greatest city in the world deserves the world’s greatest transportation system.

Sal‘s vision for transportation will revolutionize the way we move around the city and create tens of thousands of jobs in the process.

Sal‘s plan:

• Write a fairer and more equitable tolling formula – based on the MoveNY model – so that every borough pays its fair share, traffic gets moving again, and major revenue is raised for our mass transit system.

• Expand bus service and SBS routes, designate more bus-only and HOV lanes, reduce the fare for Express Bus service, and – yes – extend our subways.

• Launch an accelerated series of enhancements to our highways, roads, signaling systems, and streets to reduce costly congestion and improve the flow of traffic. This includes making driving less stressful and dangerous for those who have to get behind the wheel and turning Vision Zero into Reality Zero.

• Finally put the transit system on solid financial footing. Sal would champion legislation to dedicate 0.3% of the personal income tax already collected in the MTA district to the MTA’s financial assistance fund. He would also demand that the $1 billion not appropriated from the financial industry settlements be dedicated to the same fund.