Small Business

Did you know that every month, NYC loses over 1,000 small businesses?  This is a crisis not seen since the Great Depression.

It means that we’re losing close to 8,000 good jobs each month, since the average business employees 8 people. Small businesses, by the way, represent the largest employers of immigrant families in NYC. Historically, immigrant-owned businesses were the only stabilizing force in poorer NYC communities and offered the only job opportunity for immigrants. But now, only the big chain stores seem able to survive.

Every New Yorker knows that our “Mom & Pops” are on the verge of becoming extinct. It’s happening in every neighborhood across the City. There are more and more empty storefronts, and once thriving commercial avenues and strips are fast becoming ghost towns.

When Mayor de Blasio ran for Public Advocate, he championed the Small Business Jobs Survival Act (Intro 402) as the solution.  It would stop the closings  – and the extortion of mostly immigrant business owners – as a condition for a lease renewal.  But, as Mayor, he’s done nothing more than urge landlords to be “equitable.” Why?  City Hall has become too cozy with real estate interests, who “pay” in order to “play.” This atmosphere of legal corruption leaves the little guys – the small business owners – out in the cold.

We can help small businesses and stop the downward slide.

Sal‘s plan:

Pass the Small Business Jobs Survival Act once and for all.  When signed into law, anyone with a commercial lease (business owners, artists etc.) will have rights to:
• A 10-year minimum lease (for tenants in good standing), with equal negotiating power as the landlord for new terms
• An end to the ever-changing yearly burden of landlords “passing on” their property tax expenses
• An end to rent-gouging and exorbitant rent increases