Public Safety

In the nation’s biggest city, it is essential that we have a mayor who actually understands public safety.

For 15 years, Sal Albanese was a member of the New York City Council’s Public Safety Committee. He played a crucial role in putting more police on patrol and in improving the relationship between the NYPD and community members. To him, bolstering public safety is not just an investment in security. Safer cities are more vibrant cities, economically and civically.

In recent years, New Yorkers have experienced a welcome decrease in serious crime, making New York City the safest big city in the nation. Yet too many neighborhoods―from East Harlem to East New York―still cite local crime as one of their top concerns. We simply cannot afford to take public safety for granted. That is why Sal is committed to holding the line on violent crime and terrorism, reducing police-community tension, and addressing quality-of-life issues that have left many New Yorkers feeling vulnerable in their own neighborhoods.

Sal‘s plan:

• Expand Community Policing

• Make sure that each of the City’s precinct have enough police officers to maintain patrol strength.

 • Make sure that every precinct in the City has enough detectives to investigate crimes. He will end the practice of shortchanging poor areas of the City by not assigning enough detectives to those neighborhoods.