Animal Care

The five boroughs have become cruel places for many of the animals that are born or brought in here every year.

Places that once looked to New York for inspiration are now leap-frogging us. Austin, Texas, for example, now operates the Austin Animal Center, America’s largest no-kill animal shelter. It shelters nearly 20,000 animals per year and saves more than 90% of those that pass through its doors. It even assists residents in quarantining, impounding, and controlling animals that may pose a danger.

It’s time for New York City to lead again, to become the model for animal care nationwide.

Sal‘s plan:

• Build five new, no-kill animal centers, one in each borough, committed to the principles pioneered by the Austin Animal Center.

• Spin Animal Care out of the Department of Health and upgrade it to full agency status with a Commissioner. The Department of Animal Care will also have a Board of Advisors composed of animal welfare experts. This will ensure that Animal Care will receive attention and resources it deserves.