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News Closeup: Sal Albanese runs for NYC mayor — why he hopes third time is the charm

NYC Councilman Sal Albanese is running for mayor of New York City for the third time. He says he’s running because the incumbent mayor, Bill De Blasio, is not addressing the major issues that are important to the city’s future. Marvin Scott and Albanese discuss his campaign, the issues he feels are most important and what his plan is to improve the lives of all New Yorkers.


Mayoral hopeful pitches pied-à-terre tax, says real estate interests “own” de Blasio

Democratic mayoral candidate Sal Albanese on Wednesday renewed calls for pied-à-terre tax, saying that absentee property owners should pay two or three times more in property taxes.

Albanese said that such a tax could bring the city billions of dollars in revenue, which could then be dedicated to the creation of affordable housing, Politico reported. A tax on pieds-à-terre — often owned by wealthy overseas investors looking for a safe place to park their cash — has been floated before. Mayor Bill de Blasio considered a proposal by State Senator Brad Hoylman in 2014, but the tax ultimately didn’t go through.


Albanese: Tax foreign real estate moguls to help homeless crisis

Democratic mayoral candidate Sal Albanese said Wednesday that the best way to solve the city’s homeless crisis is by slapping a hefty tax on foreigners who own prime real estate in the Big Apple.

Saying that Mayor de Blasio has failed miserably in trying to resolve “a crisis on steroids,” Albanese suggested an extra tax on luxury real estate owned by people whose primary residence is outside the US.

The revenues going towards building affordable housing.


NYC Mayoral Candidate Sal Albanese Launches Hilarious Anti-de Blasio App

The New York City mayoral contest—which so far has been about as interesting as a cup of day-old coffee—just got a jolt of caffeine. Former New York City councilman and Democratic mayoral candidate Sal Albanese unveiled yesterday the first of a series of blistering (and comical) digital ads that take aim at the increasingly unpopular incumbent, Bill de Blasio.


The Battler

Sal Albanese wants to shake up the system. “Some people say I was Bernie Sanders before Bernie Sanders,” he says, sitting in the famous White Horse Tavern on Hudson Street in Greenwich Village.

It’s a hot, muggy summer day and Albanese is sipping a cold bottle of beer. Dressed in pressed khaki pants and a crisp, blue button-down shirt, he hasn’t broken a sweat. A Democrat and former City Council member from Brooklyn, this is his third time running for Mayor of New York City and he’s hoping three’s a charm. The odds—and the mainstream media—are stacked against him.


Sal Endorsed by NY Reform Party!

Today, June 1st, Sal was endorsed by NY’s Reform Party.  Here’s what everyone had to say:

Albanese Wins Reform Party Endorsement for NYC Mayor

The Reform Party of NY announced today that it has formally endorsed Sal Albanese for NYC Mayor in this year’s race.

“I’m thrilled that the Reform Party has endorsed me and the progressive reform principles that drive this campaign,” said Albanese. “People in NYC have had it with business-as-usual politics, and with lobbyists, billionaires and big real estate corrupting our election system. It’s one of the primary reasons I’m running,” said Albanese.

“Throughout his entire career in public life, Sal Albanese has had a reform message.  I’m excited to campaign with him in all five boroughs of this city.  The contrast between him and DeBlasio, whom I’ve nicknamed ‘the dope from Park Slope,’ couldn’t be more clear.  He has a winning message and if voters care about the future of New York City, they’ll vote for him on the Reform Party line,” said Reform Party Chairman Curtis Sliwa.

“Sal Albanese is truly the best of both worlds.  He has a reform program that will be transformative for city government and truly diminish the role of special interests and end the pay-to-play culture. But he also has the governing experience necessary to know how to do it,” added Reform Party spokesperson Frank Morano.

“I think this endorsement proves that people are hearing and responding to our message and that our campaign continues to generate more and more interest and excitement.  I look forward to working with the Reform Party and with all NYers who are interested in taking back our democratic process,” added Albanese.

Our campaign is on the move…more and  more people are coming on board.  Stay tuned!