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City Hall Wannabes Troll de Blasio with Red Sox hat on stick, Big Bird costume

Mayoral hopeful Robert Gangi couldn’t debate Bill de Blasio — so he settled for a stick wearing a Boston Red Sox hat.

Gangi, who is running on a police reform platform, staged the face off with a stand-in repping the mayor’s favorite baseball team, after being frozen out of Wednesday night’s primary debate because he didn’t raise enough money.


Mayoral hopeful Sal Albanese pitches foreign landlord tax to subsidize affordable housing

Sal Albanese, the Democratic mayoral primary hopeful, proposed a tax on wealthy foreign landlords to pay for affordable housing Wednesday.

“I’m proposing a pied-a-terre tax, which would tax foreign investors who park their money in luxury real estate all over the city,” Albanese said outside City Hall, saying 15% of the city’s luxury housing was owned by foreign investors who often let them sit empty.


Mayoral candidate creates ‘de-Blah-meter’ that lets New Yorkers rank their disgust for de Blasio

The race for mayor is heating up — at least according to Democratic primary hopeful Sal Albanese’s “de-Blah-meter.”

The longshot candidate is rolling out a new interactive digital ad that allows people to rank their displeasure with Mayor de Blasio — on a scale of “NYC Deserves Better” to “”Aaaugh! Mayor from Hell!” — when it comes to a number of issues.

“What I’m finding is either people really don’t like de Blasio, deeply don’t like him, or other folks are just blah about it — so that’s why it’s called the de-Blah-meter.”


Mayoral hopeful Sal Albanese tries to get an elusive de Blasio to ditch SUVs and ride subway for once

Mayoral candidate Sal Albanese headed for Mayor de Blasio’s Park Slope gym Wednesday to try to goad Hizzoner into finally taking the subway.

But de Blasio — who often works out in the late morning at the YMCA after being driven in city SUVs the 12 miles there from Gracie Mansion, a routine that has drawn mockery — opted instead to rise early and give Albanese the slip, driving off from the gym before he arrived.

His primary challenger nonetheless brandished a MetroCard he had brought for the mayor and said de Blasio should try getting around like regular New Yorkers — noting it’s just a 25 minute ride from the gym to City Hall.