Sal Sends Anti-Corruption Letter to Council Members Seeking Speaker’s Seat – Here’s a Sample:

Dear Council Member Cornegy,

Big real estate, lobbyists, consultants and other fixers have a stranglehold on City Hall.  It’s so bad, that the Mayor himself came thisclose to being indicted.  Mayor de Blasio was excoriated by both former US Attorney Preet Bharara and Manhattan DA Cyrus Vance, Jr. I know that you are more than familiar with the multiple investigations and the pay-to-play atmosphere that has been created over the past 4 years in City Hall.

I’m running as the Mayoral candidate of the Reform Party because I believe that this legally corrupt system can actually be changed.  While there has been progress on campaign finance reform, clearly more needs to be done, and quickly.  The abysmally low turnout in our recent Democratic primary – only 14 percent of registered Democrats voted – indicates that our electorate is not engaged in civic life, and who can blame them?  As I campaign across the City, hundreds of people, quite literally have told me that they are sick of the “politics as usual” game being played across the City.  Some of these folks voted for me; clearly, others stayed home.

We need to turn this situation around before we find ourselves with an electorate that routinely stays home, allowing the few with money and power to rule the City.

I have done my part by putting forward an aggressive reform agenda, and by declaring, publicly, that I will not take any campaign contributions from real estate developers and lobbyists.  And I’ve stayed true to my word.

The City needs you to do your part for re-engaging democracy.

And so I am challenging you today to announce, in public, that, if you use political consultants to help you attain the Council Speaker’s post – as some have already done – that you will not allow those consultants to lobby you once you are in the Speaker’s chair.

Will you join me and show New York City voters that you are as serious as I am about reforming this corrupt political system?

I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

Sal Albanese

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